Looking Back

2016 was a bittersweet year.

The US election and other global political disasters portend grave repercussions for all I hold dear.

Climate, ecology, justice, modernity, freedom, and intelligence appear in backslide.

Has civilization peaked?

Yet powerful positives made 2016 “the best of times”. My life is flourishing. Prior generations struggled to benefit me royally. Privileged structures did too.

Marriage, family, friendship, health, opportunity, accomplishment, learning, and skills have been blessed.

Contradictions abound. Potential accelerates.

Forward View

When Tyee and I began The Clean Money Revolution, I worried “revolution” was too loaded a word. Rob West, visionary Chief Editor at New Society Publishers, “author whispered” me forward. I’m grateful.

A “revolution” in our relationship with money reduces planetary peril.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing”. ~ Edmund Burke

2017 is no time for complacency. Think Standing Rock, #BlackLivesMatter, #ImWithHer, Arctic ice melt, women’s rights, and equality.

Money lust, outsourcing our morals for how it represents us, right this very moment, is an ever more naked emperor.

My comfort zones and risk shyness were pushed hard, to stand into The Clean Money Revolution. Reinvention of the economy for a fair, just, resilient future, requires trillions $$ shifted from destructive to regenerative.

We own where our money is. Our truth is revealed. Demagogues know where their money is. Good people turn a cheek. It is a painful conundrum.

A clean money ethic, industry, and ecosystem will create real prosperity.

A revolution of perspective, mobilization, change, wise leadership, and clear eyed responsibility is our historical chance.

I see heartening examples and stories everywhere. They are born of necessity, ingenuity, and common sense and love of the future.

I will share these signs of change. You can too.