2017 is now 2018.

“What can I do about it?” I ask myself a lot.

You probably do too.

The best thing I can do about 2017 is milk the learnings.

Times are so precarious. We must be “All In”.

It’s Game Time.

What’s that?

It’s our peak effectiveness with our Power, with our Purpose, and with Reinventing Capitalism.

Our power must be used for the highest good, for long-term socio-ecological futures. Our purpose is to be the best ancestors we can.

We need every tool, insight, and mastery.

Our money influence has profound reinvention potential. It has a huge role to play in fixing our ailing relationships to people and place. Our money is doing damage everywhere. That’s our responsibility. It could be fixing things.

The future is watching. We must reflect on how to maximize our role in shifting trillions of dollars towards regeneration.

The future needs us.

P.S. Here’s an interview with #CoyoteRadio’s Caroline Casey. Caroline added so much word depth and dimension to my learning curve that I’m taking it forward into 2018.