I was excited when Mike Winterfield came to my office to share his exit from the corporate world to launch his new Seed Fund. We need more impact seed funds.

As former COO of fast-growing, local software company, Traction on Demand, Mike is a leader in the BCorp movement, with an advanced community give-back model.

My good fortune includes meeting many talented people launching new Funds, and even more who are dedicating their lives to aligning money with values in many different ways that contribute to a good future for everyone.

Mike’s authenticity of purpose and relentlessness was clear. I like his unique new fund for impact entrepreneurs, and want to share it as one of so many creative models emerging these days.

“My purpose is to accelerate the Clean Money Revolution,” said Mike, “I will activate more investors into social ventures, along with top talent to inspiring companies, far earlier than usual.”

He had me hooked!

Earlier when Mike was President of the largest professional recruitment company in Canada, he built a pool of senior talent that will infuse a portfolio of early-stage social ventures to leapfrog the normal early stage cycle. It’s a dream combo. Like our work at Renewal Funds, he’s out to prove that good financial return can also make the world better. That’s an important element of the financial change ecosystem.

“There is a talent flood, keen for higher purpose. I’m going to bring accessible high-level teams to visionary entrepreneurs, earlier and affordably. This unique match solves a big problem, creating a powerful success advantage,” said Mike.

I believe him. I see the massive change underway.

Talent + meaningful ideas = increased odds for success.

Active Impact Investments has funded its first three Vancouver start-ups:

Fuud.ca – Meal-kit delivery, reducing food waste and carbon emissions, farm to consumer.

CuePath – Smart blister-pack, delivering better health and quality of life, for “aging in place”, via  medication reminders, and caregiver mobile app notifications.

New/Mode – One click campaign tools empowering healthier democracy via citizen voices, leveraging viral information sharing to decision makers. (I’m a modest seed investor in this one personally).

All early-stage companies need help they can’t yet afford to hire. Mike’s Fund adds money, PLUS  a much needed next-stage model around senior talent to the field of start-ups, beyond the classic incubator model.

Good guy, hard worker, strong track record, deep network, important mission.

We need a wave of investment entrepreneurs to build the momentum needed for a safe, fair, clean, prosperous future for all.

Who do you know who has an innovative new product in the financial services space?