When people ask me about the two pigs on the cover of The Clean Money Revolution, I tell them they are a symbol for reinventing economy for a resilient civilization.

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As a symbol of money pigs have two faces. One is the prudent “piggybank” of long-term thinking. This archetype is tied to our innocent, patient, childhood relationship to money. The other image is of the “capitalist pig” driven by insatiable greed. This not-so-little piggy goes to market and leaves a trail of destruction, devouring everything to fatten itself.

These two symbolic pigs occupy opposite poles. Innocence vs. greed. Patience vs. ravenous destruction. I love them as symbols for this book because they provoke core ideas about money’s use and misuse.

We need to suspend our assumptions about money and business so we can imagine a new archetype. We need a new kind of capitalist piggy – one that is both innocent and wise, ambitious and clever. What would such a pig look like? It may have qualities we desperately need at this point in history.

As with pigs in a pen, things are not always as they seem. Capitalism need not be the enemy. Wilful innocence can be a trap. Greed can be driven by fear. We can all do better with our money relationship. If piled up into pens managed like factory farms, it’s true, money can start to stink. If it is allowed free range to roam and get reconnected to the Earth, it can do amazing and important thing. The values, beliefs, and relationships within capitalist societies can form the nexus of a new formula for smarter leadership and reinvention.

From The Clean Money Revolution, from New Society Publishers, Coming May 1.