May 1 is the formal “launch” of my first book, The Clean Money Revolution.

That’s a long anticipated milestone!

My co-author, Tyee Bridge, and our wonderful Publisher, New Society Publishers, with the support team of Katie Ormiston, Rebecca Cuttler, Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit, Elyse Crowston, and a surprising number of other contractors, friends, and allies, have worked hard and smart, to help spread the word and guide me through the maze that is the modern definition of “a book”.

It’s been two years with many long nights and weekends of interviews, writing, editing, agonizing, refining, and strategy.

Putting out a book, meeting a deadline, knowing it could be improved endlessly and yet having to sign off on a final version.

The testimonials! It’s like being at my funeral, where colleagues have given me their best words, encouraged others to pre-order, and then promoted the steady stream of digital interviews, articles, film, blogs, and social media.

Writing a book is the greatest personal growth learning of my 60’s. So far!

It’s intimate and personal. I feel the vulnerability and exposure.

Friends, “network”, reviewers, people I may never meet, political critics, industry peers, my beloved extended family, and potentially almost anyone will have insights, critique, passion, agitation, inspiration, lots of reactions, and hopefully learning.

I’m a trained extrovert. That training is now proving its value!

I highly recommend that each of you consider sharing what you think and know. These true human stories and insights are incredibly important to the well-being of the future.

I have long seen myself as an odd combo of entrepreneur, investor, activist, elder, advisor…with a proclivity to a “business rabbi” role.

What’s that?

I think it’s infinite curiosity, my love of hearing the challenges of people I respect, and an apparent ability to give useful feedback – half by asking questions, half by sharing prior experience.

My hope is that will come across through this “book”.

I’m excited to share my story and my views. I’m honored by your support.

I want to offer value to motivated youngers.

I want the finance and wealth management industry, to take seriously the huge new demand for alignment of our values with our money.

I encourage the top 10% of we affluent and privileged holders off the vast majority of the world’s wealth, to see our direct responsibility for “where our money is right this minute, and the people and places affected by our  money.”

Every mention, recommendation, invitation, sign on, like, is so helpful.

May this book raise questions, offer useful info, and provide deep value.

The next two years will be a major journey for me.

Send love!

We are the ancestors of the future.

They are watching us.