When I had the idea for the book that became The Clean Money Revolution, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Writing a book meant learning a new craft and trade.  I only wanted to work with a team who exemplified the values that are the soil of my vision – a clean money future to save civilization.

Tyee Bridge, is an award-winning writer with a strong background writing about progressive issues and people – everything from salmon conservation to SRI (socially responsible investing) to conversations with social activists like David Eby. As Arclight, Tyee assists values-aligned people and organizations to write books, websites, op-eds, and other custom publishing.

Working with him was a dream. Why?

He is a brilliant writer. He is meticulous with research. He has (almost) infinite patience. He cares.

As a self taught amateur writer, I had to have a professional partner. I learned so much. I worked my ass off. I stayed up late. I veered. I edited and edited.

Tyee had to reign me in, so patiently, so kindly. He schooled me.

Our styles are different. He is a beautiful formal prose writer. He is widely respected around Vancouver, and beyond. People I meet in the trade, speak of him reverently.

I am a “street writer” (my term). I fight with grammar and accepted English. I prefer to be a bit weird.

We worked it all out. I’m proud of the outcome.

New Society Publishers is an activist, solutions-oriented publisher that focuses on books that contribute to building an ecologically sustainable and just society. They seek books that provide an alternative to the mainstream, books to build a new society, books that can change the world for the better.

I chose New Society because of their decades of commitment to social change, their first adopter status shifting to “ancient forest free paper”, and their indomitable ethics, vision and many decades of leadership. I like their rural location nestled between Vancouver Island and the pacific coast of Canada, on Gabriola Island. And best of all, with all that values DNA, they are one of that rare breed of small publisher, that always balances the books financially, and usually creates a small profit.

I knew lots more, an insider’s view. I had been one of their early investors, from my role helping implement the powerful vision of Carol Newell and Renewal Partners.

Tyee and New Society were the two most important allies and mentors who guided me down the path of what the word “book” means today. What a fascinating, ongoing journey I had the delicious privilege to experience.

I am forever grateful.