As the book launch momentum continues, I want to share my responses to a few key questions I get about The Clean Money Revolution:

What is Clean Money?

Clean money is aligned with our values, and intentional purpose beyond self-interest. Money for the commons. Money that makes the world better. Money that represents us and our values, expressed in the world.

Clean money is an aspiration, a compelling direction. It requires us to ask questions about where our money is and what it is doing to people and places. We must insist on better options from banks, wealth managers, and retirement funds.

What we purchase has a life story that brought it to us. We need the same inquiry there. We have choices. The more we insist on products that are cleaner, greener and more just, the faster the marketplace will adapt.

Clean money is shifting from damage to regeneration of ecosystems, while enhancing a healthy balance between people and planet.

Clean money builds true security — long-term, safe, fair, and resilient.

What will life be like in 50 years after The Clean Money Revolution succeeds?

Our economy is regenerative, in service to  both people and planet. Basic human needs will be met. Meaningful work will be the norm. Nature heals itself, as we take off the pressure. We gain true security, no longer deeply divided between haves and have-nots. The ecological balance that supports people will be healthy and strong.

Other major changes include:

  •  Industrial activity decarbonizes the atmosphere and stabilizes climate change.
  • The oceans are free of horrific plastic gyres, rapid acidification, and toxic run-offs.
  • Energy comes from renewables. Efficiency is dramatically increased. Where fossil fuels are used, we capture the emissions, commit to reclamation, and use fuels as precious substances. We ensure net zero impact.
  • Transportation – Mass transit is convenient everywhere there are people concentrations. Renewables power passenger and freight vehicles. Human powered options are safe.
  • Farming restores soil, requesters carbon, is free of chemical inputs, and enhances natural ecosystems.
  • Population has stabilized at a sustainable level.
  • Goods are produced in closed-loop production, and the concept of “waste” is gone.
  • Finance: impact and transparency for investors, ensures both profit levels, and triple bottom line contributions are clear. Negative externalities are visible. Consciousness comes first.

We are ancestors for next generations. Clean money is an urgently needed revolution, for the good future we want to leave as our shared legacy.