The power of finance to advance social change.

Integrated Capital is the coordinated use of diverse forms of financial and non-financial capital to support enterprises and strategies that address complex social and environmental problems.

Conscious investors determined to shift capital towards multi-disciplinary, advanced impact strategies, need professional, values-aligned practitioners, equipped with new theory, sensibility, and unique skills, to implement powerful vision and tangible results, that make the world better.

I was invited to colead the RSF Integrated Capital Fellowship nine-month program. My coleaders are Akaya Winwood  and Marian Moore, along with the RSF extended team of smart practical visionaries. Year one will have three in-person training intensives, access to leading edge one-on-one expert advisors, peer coaching, case studies, webinars, and independent study.

As someone who had the opportunity to work with an extraordinary friend, Carol Newell, on a 16 year experiment in building an “activist one person Family Office” with and for Carol, the best model we could find to guide ourselves with was more of a distributed model of experimentation exploding onto the landscape. There was no road map and we had to rely on our instincts with diverse lessons from many different sources. We looked at the complexity and diversity of the natural world to invent our ways into an integrated capital strategy that had many successes. For more on that, see, and this Conscious Company article about my work with Carol and read my book with Tyee Bridge, The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose & Capitalism for deeper insight.

What a perfect opportunity for me to be invited to this work.

Now I have the wonderful privilege of helping prepare existing and aspiring practitioners to grow the massive potential of capital to do good in the world, and to fuel necessary social change.

We will examine our own money psychology and then look at what “more than enough” wealth holding does to the human being who owns major money. There are “palace guards”, “gatekeepers”, and an old school system of beliefs about wealth, its management, and its investments. People can lose their own values, meaning, and purpose as the hypnosis of conventional wealth management lures us into seeing our primary wealth goal as only to grow it further, ignoring the actual influence on people and places that our money fuels. With examination we will find we are owning slaves, poisoning babies, and starting wars. We are given a pass card on responsibility for these “investments”. That’s wrong.

I prefer fair taxation, a strong public sector regulating the commons, and supporting long-term thinking for individuals and institutions. People in the future will study and write books about this period of simplistic blindness we are living in as it supports infinite concentration of wealth, moving the tax burden to those with the least, and reducing it for those with the most.

We must mobilize as many of as possible of our seven+ billion fellow humans and the systems that serve us towards long term thinking, like an ecosystem, so that our driving intention is the health, true security, and enlightenment around the very purpose of life to support the best future we can for those who follow us.

Outdated economic models, a commercially driven confusion about our role as stewards, and a very rapid change period we have lived through, where technology has changed everything about life on the planet, is our context. It’s time to evolve and be smarter.

Integrated Capital specialists will lead the vanguard of the current “one by one” consciousness shift happening among awakening wealth holders. They grasp that owning money is a sacred privilege that requires wisdom, vision, and commitment. It must be aligned with who and how we are as citizens and responsible people.

I’m so proud to be part of the invention of this Fellowship. Think about applying to participate in the future.