My friend Kristin Hull has written a provocative blog on an important topic. Self awareness is essential in understanding challenging realities. Kristin’s articulation is an excellent and gentle conversation starter. What rises for you, whatever your “skin colour”?

“Where Does White Privilege Show Up?” By Kristin Hull.

Kristin Hull.JPG

Kristin writes:

My white privilege shows up on a daily basis, in big and small and even almost imperceptible ways. It is the water I swim in — so it can often be hard for those of us who are white to detect it at times. While my weeks can be stressful and chaotic as I manage the day to day of being a finance entrepreneur and a single mom, I also recognize that there is a certain ease about my life that is afforded to me due to my physical appearance and, specifically, the color of my skin.

If I’m running late and don’t see my wallet, I feel perfectly comfortable leaving the house without any form of identification. When my wallet went missing, I drove with an expired license for months putting off an appointment at the DMV because it just didn’t seem convenient for me to get to there right away. It was not a huge priority. Once in 2013, I was at the airport without identification and was even permitted to fly. Why? Because as a white woman, I am seen as “upstanding,” trustworthy, and not a threat. >> read the full article